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Welcome to the website of the HRP Heinze Excellence Center

The task of the HRP Excellence Center is to further develop specific topics with regards to Culture Change and Behaviour Based Safety both within the HRP Heinze Group and together with external experts. Our aim is to better protect and maintain human work capacity as the most important resource of an organization.

Within the HRP Heinze Group, the Excellence Center acts as a think-tank, where competences are formed and developed, and where topics for the future are compiled, published and discussed.

In this way, we want to play our part in promoting the insights and the know-how for producing change in thought and behaviour patterns also beyond the borders of the HRP Heinze Group, because we know: our attitudes, emotions and convictions determine our actions.

HRP Heinze Excellence Center

Development of Knowledge and Skills in the following areas:

  • Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)
  • Culture Change

Our goal:

  • Protect and maintain human work capacity.

Annual BBS Symposium

The participants of our regularly held symposiums discuss, inter alia, topics related to the content and implementation of processes for culture and behaviour change.

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